GSoC '17 - Week 8 and 9

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A really great feedback.

Minor Addition

I added a simple feature here. It ensures a red highlight over the preview region whenever you’re working on locked layer. This will help, when a parent layer is locked, but the child layer isn’t locked (because it’s not quite evident that the user won’t be able to work on the child layer as well).

Infinite Maps

Current state of the pull request: #1651. Last 2 weeks were a bit occupied due to college but I still managed to work properly on the weekends. This task requires a lot of testing and feedback, so it’s been quite slow in progression.

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Working Prototype. (Open this in a new tab for a clearer view)

Everything I could possibly test works now, which is pretty great since I was very skeptical during the beginning if I would be able to even start it. Thanks a lot to bjorn and Ablu for their feedback and help!

Second Evaluation

Due to the college’s internship season coming up, I couldn’t get much time during the last 2 weeks. So I got a bit worried if I’d be able to pass the second evaluation. Luckily I passed it, and I hope to work with more commitment now. The next task is polygon editing tools and let’s see where it goes :-)

To track the current plans, you can read the notes I’m trying to maintain: Notes.