GSoC '17 - Week 10 and 11

Polygon Tool Improvements

I started off by adding all improvements in a single pull request (#1674). Then the mentors suggested using interactive rebase for a nicer commit history. Even though the pull request was later closed (so that separate pull requests could be opened for each improvement), I learned about git rebase -i, which was pretty cool!

The separate pull requests are #1682, #1685 and #1683. #1682 and #1685 were merged quickly.

#1682 was a simple patch which allowed the delete key to delete the selected nodes rather than directly deleting the object. #1685 was a bit more complex that this. It allowed deleting a segment from a polygon to convert it into a polyline.

#1683 is for allowing extending a polyline with more nodes. This was quite complex since it involved switching the tools as well.

Infinite Maps

The base pull request #1651 was finally merged!. The last few commits were dedicated to supporting infinite maps in isometric and hexagonal maps. There are a few things still left to do:

  • Fixing Automap. Currently automap behaves rather weirdly in infinite maps.
  • Implement a new chunk-based storage for infinite maps. Currently the infinite map is stored in the previous format itself.

Final Evaluation

I got two internship offers after the first day of the intern season itself! :-) That ended the intern season for me, so I’ve been fully committed to GSoC since that time. The final evaluation is coming up and I still have a few tasks left to do!

To track the current plans, you can read the notes I’m trying to maintain: Notes.