Tonight's the Night

I’ve always wanted to start a blog but I never really started writing. But this time I’m determined to carry on. So here I go.

Tonight’s the night. And it’s going to happen, again and again. It has to happen.

So, who are you, exactly?

Well, I’m Ketan Gupta, a B.Tech. CSE student at IIT Roorkee. I usually invest my time into coding but occasionally I play badminton and table tennis. I also take part in coding contests frequently.

Alright. So what is this blog going to be about?

Ah well, this is mostly going to be a programming blog. Specifically, Competitive Programming, Game Development, Web Development and some other technical things will be discussed. Although, from time to time, I might talk about some weird and wacky ideas.

Game Development? Sounds nice.

I know, right? So it all started when I discovered Game Maker in 4th grade. I tweaked around with it and made some extremely stupid games. Then I discovered Unity3D but couldn’t get a hold of it much since I was a noob at programming back then and I couldn’t design game art either. I then started with HTML5 and made a lot of progress!

I also discovered a whole range of new technologies like Unreal Engine, three.js, Cocos2d, and many more! I recently started off with Unity3D again and I’m learning a lot of new things and concepts this time.

Cool! And what about Competitive Programming?

I started Competitive Programming in 10th grade when I came across IOI and ICO. I failed to reach IOITC in classes 10th and 11th due to lack of practice but worked hard in class 12th and got through.

I got recruited in an amazing group Programming and Algorithms Group, IITR and learned a lot of new things in the past year.

Web Development?

I started web development few months back only. I work in PHP/MySQL mainly but I’ve worked a little bit in node.js, python and ruby too.

I’m a developer at SDSLabs, an amazing group full of extremely pro developers and designers who work their ass off to maintain and develop new applications for the IITR junta as well as for the internet.

Enough about coding. What else?

I’m also a member of WatchOut! News Agency, a group where people meet up on a Monday night and discuss crazy ideas.

Apart from campus groups, I occasionally play table tennis and badminton. Sometimes football and cricket too. I used to sketch and sing too although I’m totally out of practice now. Also, I’m a TV Show fanatic. (You might have already got it by the Dexter references)

Ah, the boring stuff now. Technical details about this blog?

This blog is powered by Jekyll and uses the beautiful Pixyll theme. It is hosted on GitHub Pages.

What now?

I’ll be back.

Hopefully, you’ll see a new blog post very soon!