Using Feedly and Vim

I’ve been reading a lot of tech and programming news lately. I’ve also started to follow some popular programming blogs to learn something new everyday. Remembering all of them gets a bit tough. I often found myself forgetting some blogs or news websites, and then whenever I opened them some time later, a huge chunk of articles were left unread. This is when I started using Panda.


Panda is popular news dashboard which comes as a chrome extension (it also comes as a web application). It has a nice UI, and I often read articles there.

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Looking into trending GitHub repositories.

I regularly spend time reading articles on Hacker News and checking out some repositories which were trending on GitHub. Panda serves them pretty nicely, so I used it for a long time until I started reading from other sources as well.

However, you cannot add custom RSS feeds in it (only 3 at max if you get a trial for a premium account). I slowly started checking out r/programming, slashdot, nullprogram, the morning paper, and a few more websites for tech and programming articles.

I read an amazing thread on Hacker News which introduced me to a whole lot of interesting blogs! This made me realise that I needed a proper application which would allow me to customise my feed, add/remove sources, save/share articles and probably provide much more funcitonality than Panda for free.


I’ve often came across RSS or Atom feeds, but I never really used them (ironically, even my own blog has an Atom feed). But due to addition of a lot of websites in my reading list, I decided to go ahead and try an RSS Reader. Feedly presents a brilliant user interface, a lot of interesting features and above all: a lot of functionality for free!

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The Verge homepage on Feedly.

I got hooked immediately after signing up. I quickly added a lot of sources, and started customising the interface to my liking. I currently spend most of my time on Feedly, and when I’m not on my desktop, I use the mobile app which has a really nice interface too! 10/10 would suggest using Feedly.

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Reading up articles from null program.

Ofcourse, a lot of other applications are out there similar to this, and I’m open to suggestions since this is my first time trying out an RSS reader.

Also, a couple of my favourite sources: The Verge, Hacker News, GitHub Trending (it is actually a nice source of knowledge), null program, the morning paper, r/programming and Linux Journal (this one is really nice as well!).


I’ve been forcing myself to use Vim for the past few weeks (I’m currently typing this article on Vim itself). It takes some time getting used to, but it’ll never cease to amaze you with awesome features bundled inside it.

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My present vim setup.

I often spend my time customising my environment, so I’ve obviously added some popular plugins: CtrlP, NERDTree, vim-airline, vim-buftabline, and a few more. I use Vundle for managing my plugins (you can find my vimrc here).

I’ve been reading a lot of articles lately, and I just felt like writing what I’ve been upto for the past few weeks. Let’s hope (again) that I write blogs more frequently from now on.